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Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro Download With Serial Key 2017 # 1 selling logo design software for 15 years. You know your business, we know logos. Over the years, millions of logos have been created with Logo Design Studio Pro. We partner with you and provide you with the tools, objects, inspirations and guides you need to help you create a unique, personal and professional logo . With countless tools and hundreds of options, there is no limit to what you can create! Let us show you how easy it is to make your first logo.
Create your logo

Start with your company name or one of the included templates and change the font.

Logo Design Studio Pro is the original and best selling logo design software for over 15 years with easy to use templates and ideas. New and imporoved Logo Design Studio Pro Online now with enhanced features and templates.

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  • With professional tools
  • Change the shape of the letters, add an object, and color.
  • In an easy-to-use interface
  • Add other objects and change the background color.
  • With Professional Results
  • Adjust the colors, add some effects, and you’re done!
  • Go Big with Vector Graphics

With Logo Design Studio Pro, you never have to worry about your logo with fuzzy or pixelated appearance when it is expanded. Built-in vector tools and graphics allow you to scale your logo to any size without losing sharpness or clarity. From web images to letterheads to billboards, your logo will look perfect in any size and anywhere.

Unlimited Customization

Start with one of 2,000 customizable templates or one of the 6,000 vector shapes, images, fonts or graphics and use advanced drawing tools to create your own completely unique shapes. The intuitive and flexible set of tools is equipped to handle the most advanced logo design needs.

Incredible special effects

Add a creative touch with professional effects you notice. Raise your canvas logo with a shadow, add a 3D bevel technique and much more to give your design its unique look.

Vector Tools

Vector designs are not limited to a specific size because they are made up of connected lines and curves, rather than a collection of pixels that make up the pattern designs.

Colour and gradients

You can choose colors from the color palette enter the exact hexadecimal as well as change the gradient color and gradient direction of the shapes and text for a variety of appearance.

Full text control

Add standard, solid or cherished text, wrap text around shapes, place text in a path, or convert your text into an editable form using the Bezier tools.

Precise drawing tools

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The Bezier edition visually displays the adjustable nodes that can be moved to change the appearance of shapes, text, and curves. Easily undo any changes you do not like.

Pre-built objects

More than 2,000 industry-specific logo templates to fit your business. Customize with your own text and colors and then export to use anywhere.

What’s new in the Studio Pro logo design:

– 2,000 logo templates: industry-based templates designed by professional graphic artists.

– 6,000+ full vector graphics: Vector graphics are different from normal graphics and images because they have no pixels. No pixels mean that you can blow them up to any size without losing image quality or sharpness.

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– Full vector design: since your new design is based vector you can use it in a project smaller than a stamp, or blow it to cover the side of a building, something no other logo design software can do!

– Import and export capabilities: create your logo in all popular formats, including PDF, SVG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, EMF and BMP.

– Slogan & tagline resource library: Bring your branding image one step further by defining what you do. 500+ pre-written tags and slogans make it easier for people to understand what you offer.

– Full text control: add solid or cherished standard text, wrap text around shapes, place text in a path, or make your text editable using Bezier tools.

– Accurate drawing tools: The Bezier edition visually displays adjustable nodes that can be moved to change the appearance of shapes, text and curves. Easily undo any changes you do not like.

– Seamless effects: adds a creative touch with professional effects you notice. Raise your canvas logo with a shadow, add a 3D bevel technique, and much more.

– Logo guidelines for trademarks and copyrights: Logo Design Studio Pro Vector takes you through the branding process so you can protect your identity.

– Full layer support

System Requirements:

– Operating system: Windows® 10, Windows® 8 / 8.1, Windows® 7 and Windows® Vista
– Hardware: PC with Pentium 400 MHz processor or higher
– Memory: 512 MB RAM
– Hard drive: 1500 MB of available hard disk space

Latest Changes:

• Updated user interface.
• Faster rendering engine.
• The standard version now includes 1500 templates and 5000 objects.
• Smaller size of installation: saves space on the hard disk.
• Templates optimized for the latest operating systems.
• Other minor problems solved.
• Improvements and bug fixes.


Logo Design Studio is a powerful logo design software which offers countless options so you can easily create, customize and trademark your own logo and brand identity system. No one knows your business better than you. Don’t be limited to a few concepts from an overpriced design firm; get easy recognition of your name, image, symbol, icon or trademark using the flexible design tools of Logo Design Studio to quickly create thousands of unique logo concepts and taglines in minutes. If your identity evolves or completely changes at any time, simply recreate a new company logo design at no additional cost. Everything is at your fingertips with Logo Design Studio 4.0 – choose icons, change colors, adjust the shapes and effects, and add your own text to come up with your own logo in minutes, then spend as much time as you wish customizing, tweaking, and making it perfect.

Unlike some convoluted high-end software, Logo Design Studio 4.0 is so easy to use, thanks to over 5000 included logo design graphics, as well as over 1500 templates tailored for specific industries and interests. If you can think of it, Logo Design Studio 4.0 has it – flags, images, swooshes, shapes, signs, spheres, and more. When your masterpiece is complete, export it as a JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, WMF, BMP, or PDF file for use in all variety of print and digital applications.

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Logo Design Studio 4.0 Key Features

  • Skip the services of an expensive design firm and create a professional logo for your business
  • 500+ Logo Templates With Logo Design Studio, you can create a customized look and logo to fit any industry or interest.
  • 5000+ Logo Objects Attain top-quality graphics without paying top price.
  • Import/Export Capabilities Create your logo in a variety of popular file formats, including JPEG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, WMF, BMP and PDF.
  • Slogans & Taglines Logo Design Studio will generate several ideas and options to help you eloquently and accurately summarize your identity.
  • Object & Text Tools Easily design your logo with tools that provide full layer control and allow you to resize and rotate text and objects.

Logo Design Studio 4.0 Free Full Version Serial Number

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