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.NET AIO Azure C Sharp C++ collection IDE Microsoft Microsoft.NET Product Key Programming Windows Registration Key serial key Serial Number setup password SQL Server VB Visual Basic Visual Studio VS Windows Programming WinForm WPF. The Visual Studio 2013 uses the product key platform of the Microsoft such as the crack Windows API, Presentation product key Foundation and the Store Silverlight. The codes that are produced by the Visual Studio 2013 can be in the form of managed code or in the native crack code. Product Key for Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows I have downloaded Visual Studio Express 2013 for Windows Desktop and signed in to extend my trial. After that, do I have to buy a product key or does it remain free? Thank you in advance. Issue with Visual Studio 2013 are supported in MSDN Forums. I would suggest you to post the query.

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Visual Studio 2013 Crack Serial Key Codes

I am Visual Studio 2010 Professional user. But for a reason I need Visual Web Developer 2008 Express edition.

I downloaded this, but I need the serial key to activate the product, otherwise it will expire in 30 days.

When I go there, I got this error:

'Thank you for your interest in registering Visual Studio. We are currently experiencing issues with the registration process. We are working on this and will have it fixed as soon as possible. Please try to register your product again at a later time. Iskysoft video converter windows 7 ultimate download. We apologize for the inconvenience.'

I tried for a long time, but I got the same error every time. Is there any other way to get the serial key?

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5 Answers

I have an improvement on the answer @DewiMorgan gave for VS 2008 express. I have since confirmed it also works on VS 2005 express.
It lets you run the software without it EVER requiring registration, and also makes it so you don't have to manually delete the key every 30 days. It does this by preventing the key from ever being written.

(Deleting the correct key can also let you avoid registering VS 2015 'Community Edition,' but using permissions to prevent the key being written will make the IDE crash, so I haven't found a great solution for it yet.)

The directions assume Visual C# Express 2008, but this works on all the other visual studio express apps I can find.

  1. Open regedit, head to HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftVCSExpress9.0Registration.
  2. Delete the value Params.
  3. Right click on the key 'Registration' in the tree, and click permissions.
  4. Click Advanced..
  5. Go to the permissions tab, and uncheck the box labeled Inherit from parent the permission entries that apply to child objects. Include these with entries explicitly defined here.
  6. In the dialog that opens, click copy (Note that in Windows 7, it appears the copy button was renamed to add, as in add inherited permissions as explicit permissions).
  7. Hit OK in the 'Advanced' window.
  8. Back in the first permissions window, click your user, and uncheck Full Control.
  9. Do the same thing for the Administrators group.
  10. Hit OK or Apply.Congratulations, you will never again be plagued by the registration nag, and just like WinRAR, your trial will never expire.

You may have to do the same thing for other (non-Visual C#) programs, like Visual Basic express or Visual C++ express.

It has been reported by @IronManMark20 in the comments that simply deleting the registry key works and that Visual Studio does not attempt to re-create the key. I am not sure if I believe this because when I installed VS on a clean windows installation, the key was not created until I ran VS at least once. But for what it's worth, that may be an option as well.


The question is about VS 2008 Express.

Microsoft's web page for registering Visual Studio 2008 Express has been dead (404) for some time, so registering it is not possible.

Instead, as a workaround, you can temporarily remove the requirement to register VS2008Exp by deleting (or renaming) the registry key:

To ensure that this is working beforehand, click Help -> register product within VS2008.

You should see text like

'You have not yet registered your copy of Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. This product will run for 10 more days before you will be required to register it.'

Close the application, delete that key, reopen, click help->register product.

The text should now say

'You have not yet registered your copy of Visual C++ 2008 Express Edition. This product will run for 30 more days before you will be required to register it.'

So you have two options - delete that key manually every 30 days, or run it from a batch file that also contains a line like:

[Edit: User @i486 confirms on testing that this workaround works even after the expiration period has expired]

[Edit2: User @Wyatt8740 has a much more elegant way to prevent the value from reappearing.]

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Dewi MorganDewi Morgan

Getting a product key is free. Here is how I did it:

I just downloaded the 2012 Express install ISO image. After install I got the message 'This product will expire in 30 day(s). Registration is required for the continued use of Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2012 for Web.'

On that same screen is a register online link. Clicking that I signed in with my live account, updated my profile, and got a registration key.

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Visual C# Express 2005 ISO File does not require registration

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I believe that if you download the offline ISO image file, and use that to install Visual Studio Express, you won't have to register.

Go here and find the link that says 'All - Offline Install ISO image file'. Click on it to expand it, select your language, and then click 'Download'.

Otherwise, it's possible that online registration is simply down for a while, as the error message indicates. You have 30 days before it expires, so give it a few days before starting to panic.

Cody GrayCody GrayVisual Studio 2013 Crack Serial Key
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I installed Visual Studio 2013 Professional as a Trial version while waiting for my company to complete the license purchase.

They completed the purchase of 4 licenses (64 bit), but were not given Product Keys. Instead, there is a particular .iso file with the license or product key embedded in some way.

I want to avoid having to uninstall Visual Studio 2013 only to reinstall Visual Studio 2013 and re-setup all my settings. Is this possible? Is there a way to extract the license/product key from the .iso or from other coworkers desktops that did a clean install?

Here is what I have tried (with 2 coworker installations):

  1. Looking for the license info in:


    but it is unique on both computers.

  2. Looking for the Product Key in:


    One install had one, which my install said was invalid when attempting to use it. The other install had a blank PIDKEY.

  3. Looking inside SW_DVD5_Visual_Studio_Pro_2013_English_MLF_X19-20996.ISO but I see no mention of a License or Product Key.

  4. Checking their Help > Register Product in Visual Studio, which simply says

    License: Product key applied

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  5. Tried doing an install/repair from the ISO but it says:

    The product version that you are trying to set up is earlier than the version already installed on this computer.

    Likely because of the Visual Studio 2013 Update 1 and 2

Again, I would really like to avoid the multi-hour process of reinstalling VS 2013. Is there any way?

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1 Answer

I solved this, without having to completely reinstall Visual Studio 2013.

For those who may come across this in the future, the following steps worked for me:

  1. Run the ISO (or vs_professional.exe).
  2. If you get the error below, you need to update the Windows Registry to trick the installer into thinking you still have the base version. If you don't get this error, skip to step 3

    • Click the link for 'examine the log file' and look near the bottom of the log, for this line:

    • open regedit.exe and do an Edit > Find.. for that GUID. In my case it was {6dff50d0-3bc3-4a92-b724-bf6d6a99de4f}. This was found in:


    • Edit the BundleVersion value and change it to a lower version. I changed mine from 12.0.21005.13 to 12.0.21000.13:

    • Exit the registry

  3. Run the ISO (or vs_professional.exe) again. If it has a repair button like the image below, you can skip to step 4.

    • Otherwise you have to let the installer fix the registry. I did this by 'installing' at least one feature, even though I think I already had all features (they were not detected). This took about 20 minutes.
  4. Run the ISO (or vs_professional.exe) again. This time repair should be visible.

  5. Click Repair and let it update your installation and apply its embedded license key. This took about 20 minutes.

Now when you run Visual Studio 2013, it should indicate that a license key was applied, under Help > Register Product:

Hope this helps somebody in the future!

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