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KMSPico Activator for Windows and Office for Free

As a rule, KMS or KMSPico Activator (Key Management Service) is an innovation utilized by Microsoft to enact benefits via local network without the need to interface every individual PC to Microsoft. Such methodology is essentially utilized by organizations that supervise various PCs. Regularly, the network supervisor would contact KMS servers via Remote Procedure Call. And, after that actuate the desired administrations. The KMSpico makers offer to supplant the current key with another license key. And, actuate the administrations without connecting to this KMS server. Sadly, this management lapses and must be restored at regular intervals. This implies this program must be continually running on the PC for you to have the capacity to utilize it appropriately. This program supports all the versions of windows. But in case you are a user of Windows 7 then you would need to use win loader v2.2.2 from Daz.

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How to download and install KMSPico activator on your computer?

For installing this activator, you would need to follow these given simplest steps:

  1. In the first place, if you are using earlier versions of windows i.e. windows 7 or earlier. Then, you need to ensure that your PC has .NET Framework 4.0+.
  2. Afterwards, you would need to disable the activated anti-malware program and firewall as well for a while. Until, activation process of KMSPico completes. Since, some anti-malware would not allow to activate this activator. And, you would need to right click on the antivirus icon. Then, right-bottom corner where you would have to choose disabled.
  3. Further, you would need to tap here to download the latest version of KMSpico activator program.
    if you are acquiring any previous version. Then, uninstall it. For doing which, you need to open run and type cmd and Run as administrator on downloaded zip folder. Or else, you can uninstall it by using control panel.
  4. Then, you need to double-click on the given setup .exe file. In order to start installation of the activator.
  5. Further, you would need to click on OK. Then, you would see a new welcome pop-up on your screen.
  6. Afterwards, from the welcome screen. you would need to tap on Next option to continue.
  7. Then, you will see License agreement. Where, you need to opt “I accept the agreement”. Then, tap on NEXT option.
  8. In order to continue the installation, you would need to click a few times on NEXT option.
  9. Lastly, click on start menu folder name and just tap on Next option for the last time. And, within a minute the installation process will complete.

Installation for RTM edition (Released to Manufacturing):

  1. As you have installed the program, you would not see any logo or icon of this program on your computer’s desktop.
  2. Hence, you would have to click on start button. And go to KMSPIco.
  3. Then, you would need to click on yes on prompt user account control tab. Then, it will show you red button after detecting the version of software.
  4. In the event that, you just have the OS from fresh, tap the redoption button. In order to begin the activation task.
  5. Moreover, you would require to check the status of activation tasks. Then, you have to tap on Tokens
  6. Further, you need to click on the given blue square mentioning i in bold. It would display your system edition and activation status as well.
  7. In addition, you may click on Start>> Computer >> Properties, and you will see the status of activation task as well.
  8. Afterwards, the activation is complete. Now you can have access of all the functions of this system.

For 2015 update:

At some point when you utilize the kmspico, you might get blocks by Windows SmartScreen. On the off chance that you encounter the circumstance, simply tap the “More information” connection and pick “Run in any case” catch.

Additionally, some of you that are utilizing the authentic or genuine duplicate of OS or potentially Office anxious that the KMSpico application will broke the product licenses… yet the application is intended to check a lasting enactment, so the application is brilliant and take the correct decision with no intercession on the off chance that you are utilizing the genuine duplicate of programming.

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Kmspico will facilitates you with these given marvelous features:

  1. It has tendency to activate all versions of windows such as 10/8/8.1/7/vista. Not only windows versions but also some severs such as 2008, 2012, R2. In addition, it can activate each and every version of Microsoft Office i.e. 2010, 2013, 365, 2016 for both 32-bit processor and 64-bit processor.
  2. Kmspico activator delivers you 100% guarantee for lifetime activation of windows and MS office. Unlike, another loader it would not affect your PC. And, won’t ask for you again to activate your windows and MS office.
  3. It provides you fully automatic activation procedure. In which, you would only need to perform some basic clicks on options and rest steps will be done by KMSPico.
  4. This activator supports both Microsoft office and Windows simultaneously. And, you don’t need to mention any specification about version as it can identify the version of OS and office suite itself.
  5. It does not drop any malware or any PUP in your computer. as, some of activators may infiltrate malware. It is fully neat and clean program in any respect.
  6. Most amazing feature of this activator is that it does not need any internet connection at the time of its activation.
  7. Moreover, it is very easy to access once you installed in your computer. then, by one click on its logo can activate your Microsoft office suite and operating system.
  8. In addition, it supports 32-bit and 64-bit processor operating system. And, does not require to configure with the version of operating system.
  9. It works efficiently with windows 10 watermark and also can remove version number.
  10. And, this activator is also available in many language and supports all language.

Supported versions by kmspico:

  1. First, Microsoft Windows 10
  2. Second, Microsoft Windows 8.1
  3. Third, Microsoft Windows 8
  4. Forth, Microsoft Windows 7
  5. Fifth, Microsoft Windows Vista
  6. In addition, Microsoft Office 2016
  7. Moreover, Microsoft Office 365
  8. Microsoft Office 2013
  9. Microsoft Office 2010
  10. And, Microsoft Office 2007

Note: on downloading file from any another location. Then, you might get unwanted programs with that program. So, for to be safe from any consequences download it from here.

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Features of SlimDrivers 2.2

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  • It’s easy to use with simple user interface.
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System requirements for SlimDrivers 2.2

  • Operating system supported: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 and older versions of Windows include Windows XP/Vista (both 32 and 64-bit)/Windows server.
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  • Minimum RAM is 256MB.
  • Active Internet connection.

How to activate SlimDrivers 2.2?

SlimDrivers is an easy application and you can easily operate the application so as the activation procedure. So, below are the simple steps for activating the SlimDrivers 2.2 application on your computer system:

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